Pelor is the Sun. He is the becon of light. He is he Lightbringer. Like Heronius and Bahamut, he stands against evil and although he is a lesser god, he has a following the rivals the greater gods. While he respects Heronius and will help the others in the Church of the Nine against attacks from evil, he stands aloof most of the time. He feels that the politics of th Church of the Nine is sometime counter-productive to the good the church should do. He has the largest body of worshippers outside of the Church of the Nine, a fact that displeases some of the Church’s higher officials.

Pelor is closest to Corellon due to their shared emnity of Lolth. While Corellon’s quarrel with Lolth is more personal in nature, Lolth stands against everything Pelor represents. He seeks to bring light to her darkness, both literally and figuratively. He also works diligently against the plots of Torog and Bane. He keeps a wary eye on Talos who he knows has changed from his prior incarnation and not necessarily for the better. Of all the gods, he is the only one that knows what a threat Asmodeus could be in the future.

Pelor is the god of the Sun (Sun), bringing hope to the people (Hope) so they can free themselves from tyrany (Freedom).


The paladins of Pelor are know as the Daybringers. These are the protectors of Pelor’s church. Some of them serve within the Church of the Nine but the majority are soldiers of his church. His paladins tend to be stoic and introspective. Paladins that take on adventuring careers due so to protect the freedom of people from the encroaching darkness.


The Morninglords are the clerics and priests of Pelor. They are respected members of society and preside over many of the day to day rituals of civilized life. Most clerics of Pelor andventure to bring hope to embattle people. In times of oppression it is not strange to see a cleric of Pelor involved in resistance operations.


Pelor’s Avengers are know as the Hooded Ones since they wear hoods that shade their faces while they are on a mission. These avengers are Pelors hitmen. They are usually tasked with assassinations of corrupt city officials, cult leaders, and if rumors are to be believed, even members of the Church of the Nine. While the Daybringers are stoic, the Hooded Ones are down right somber. While other members of Pelor’s followers bask in the light of their god, his avengers are forced to work in shadow.


Pelor does not have many Invokers and none serve the Church of the Nine. Those that serve him are called Torchbearers. They serve as his “secret” weapon and are unleashed on problems too difficult for another follower of Pelor to solve.


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