Elves are one of the oldest races, older than even the humans and dwarves. Early in their history they had little to no contact with other races on the continent of Taumariel. Over time, three subraces of elves emerged. The Aboriel elves, now known as wood or wild elves, poulated the forests that covered the majority of the continent.


Centuries ago, human exiles first arrived on Taumariel. The long lifespans elves had made them rather aloof and they were surprised at the industry humans brought with them. First contact was peaceful and both races entered into a fruitful relationship. Elves provided raw materials and humans gave the elves finished product. The elves also taught humans magic. Eventually, thanks to the manipulation from outside forces, a civil war engulfed the elves. When the dust settled only the elves had appearently survived, though their numbers were greatly reduced. Much later, the Drow Invasion further thinned those numbers. Today the elves are in danger of dying out completely.


The elves today are a greatly fractured race. They know they are dying and lament all of the culture they’ve lost. Some have turned to religion and others have rekindled their ties to the natural world. They are a people that have suffered much as of late.


Elves take well to martial and primal classes. They tend to favor finesse over brute strength but don’t underestimate their strength. More urban elves have no problem following divine paths but arcane magic has brought too much pain to the world.


All elves have to come to terms with the status as an endangered race. Some gather in small communities to try to preserve the elf legacy, sometime cutting themselves off from civilization, occasionally becoming deeply xenophobic. Other elves live in ghettos in various cities throughout the continent. The largest concentration of elves are found amongst their cousins in Mithredain where the Eladrin have given elves their own noble house and a voice on the council. A voice that many of the elves living in the slums of the city consider impotent.


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