The Taumariel Chronicles World

A few years ago I created a campaign for Dungeon and Dragons Third Edition. It was meant to be a lighter campaign than those that I usually ran. For this campaign I drew from JRPGs of the time, particularly Skies of Arcadia, Lunar, and Lodoss War. It wasn’t set in any established campaign world and it was my intention to leave it very open so I could draw from any published product. Whatever my players wanted to play with whether is was psionics, monks, or warforged, I would find a way to work into story of the world.

Now we’ve returned to this world with 4E and I still allow almost anything that been published in my campaign. The heroes of Third Edition campaign are now the legends of 4E. The changes brought about by the Heroes of Third Edition explain many of the rule changes that occured with the new rule set. The world has remade with the return of long absent gods and, just like the current players characters, the world is coming to terms with the new changes.

The Taumariel Chronicles