Before Recorded Time

In the beginning there was Chaos and within Chaos was Order. Within Order was born the World. The World contained magic energy so the ancient Demons descended upon the World to claim it.

The Dawn Wars

The Age of Demons

Demons fought each other utilizing mighty magics until the World responded by creating Dragons. This began the Dragon Wars which ended the Age of Demons.

The Age of Dragon Reign

Dragons pick up where the Demons left off, fighting over the scraps of power left by the Demons. Eventually several humanoids calling themselves gods appeared. These gods defeated the Dragons and the Dragons and Demons were banished, Demons into the Astral Plane and the Dragons into the earth.

Age of the Nine

Nine Kingdoms arose, each worshiping their patron. They too eventually fought amongst themselves in the Godswar. Eventually they decided that the only way to end world sufferring was to leave the World by exiling themselves.

The Great Betrayal

The plan was the gods would shed their physical forms and create realms in the Astral Sea. The plan failed when they were betrayed from within. The realms were created but the Gods were destroyed.

The Age of Mortals

Finally the lesser races were able to chart their own destinies without the influence of greater powers. From here on out, Local histories of Taumariel, Farthas, and Drush-Ka, are what change the world. This age ends when a group of heroes restore the power of the gods, completing the ritual that was derailed as a result of the Great Betrayal, ushering in a new age.

The Age of Heroes

The current age.


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