Enemy - The Archlich

Mastermind in search of Apotheosis


The Archlich was once the apprentice of the First Mage. Trying to gain immortality, the man who would become the Archlich, interfered during one of his master’s spells, causing the spell to go awry and creating the devastation that resulted in the Wasteland, and turning him an undead.

Unfortunately, while ageless, the Archlich realized that his powers had stagnated. He would never realize the power he desired as long as he remained undead. For centuries the Archlich has plotted and schemed to try to gain new power but he always failed, often stopped by courageous adventurers.

His most current scheme has been his longest plan ever. In 79 A.G., disguising himself, he helped found the creation of what would become the Alefgard Empire and has been masquerading as its benificent Emperor.

Today, his conspiracy has been mostly revealed to the Heroes of Maceton. The Archlich’s conspiracy has supported the Red Hand invasion. His conspiracy instigated an attempted coup in Mithredain. Most horrifically, the mysterious plague in Alefgard was not a plague at all, but a necrotic effect that was draining the lifeforce of its residents to feed the Archlich’s magic.

Currently, the Archlich is in his floating palace awaiting the final piece he need to raise himself to godhood.

Enemy - The Archlich

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