Enemy - Nurklenak

Kulkor Zhul Mindbender, Master of Interrogation


During the Cult of Tiamat’s attempt to overthrow the leadership, the infrastructure of Arkosia was damaged beyond sustainable levels. In an attempt to create diplomatic ties with their neighbors, a group of dragonborn were sent north into the Elsir veil. Unknown to them, exiled members of the Cult of Tiamat (the leaders of the Red Hand) were busy enacting their next plot upon the Elsir Vale.

Nurklenak, secretly a follower of (pain god), was secretly aproached by Tiamat’s followers and was offered the opportunity to furthur his studies of pain if he joined the Red Hand. Nurklenak heartily agreed and quickly betrayed his fellows.

For months he tortured his former companions in his lab in the Ruins of Rhest. When the Heroes of Maceton attacked the ruins they engaged Nurklenak in combat. He barely survived the encounter but was able to escape.

Nurklenak again barely escaped death at the hands of the Heroes and Salasar (the only surviving member of his group) during the Siege of Maceton. With the destruction of the Red Hand’s leadership, Nurklenak finds himself unfettered of loyalty to any higher cause and is free to persue his own agenda. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Enemy - Nurklenak

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