Enemy - Gideon

An oppurtunistic weasel.


He was the head of the Adventurer’s Guild in Maceton until the Red Hand invaded. Always looking out for himself he was (Aza’Kai’s sister) contact while she was in Maceton, unknowingly being a pawn in the Emperor’s/Archlich’s conspiracy. Seeing an opportunity in the chaos of war, he gathered a group of thugs to loot the towns that were evacuated, an enterprise that was ended by the Heroes of Maceton.

Gideon was sent in chains to Alefgard where he was offered not only his freedom, but also wealth if he served Justicar Cal Shenkar. Seeing this as an opportunity to advance his position from pawn to knight in the conspiracy, he agreed.

Gideon first test was to retrieve an item for the Emperor/Archlich. The first item was the Archlich’s phylactery which was protected by magic that blocked location spells and believed to be in the possession of someone Justicars Galen and Fargo trusted.

Imagine Gideon’s surprise when one of his contacts in Alefgard’s guards told him that Niles Fargo’s daughter had just arrived in the city and that she was none other than “Joss”, one of the Heroes of Maceton. Finding out where the Heroes were staying, Gideon stole the pendant and left Joss a note just so she knew who took it as his revenge for his defeat and for the years she spurned his advances.

Impressed at his easy success, Gideon has been tasked to recover a relic from the area of Wellspring. Using his position in the Adventurer’s Guild, he has recruited the Storm Crows, a group of money-for-hire adventurers to assist in his search.

Enemy - Gideon

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